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The experts in ensuring your business is fully compliant with Australian Sterilisation Standards

Ensure that your business is completely AS4187 compliant


Fully qualified instrument technician with over 35 years experience in Sterilisation Services. AS4187 Solutions are the leaders in AS/NZS4187-2014 and all current ISO standards compliance.
No two businesses are the same. For this very same reason, no two AS/NZS4187-2014 Solutions are the same. We take the time to learn everything about your businesses requirements to ensure we recommend the best and most cost effective solution. The recommendation is tailored to suit your unique requirements and ensure your compliance with AS/NZS4187-2014 and all current ISO standards.
AS4187 Solutions


Offering consultation in all aspects of Sterilising Services and Endoscopy Departments

Audit Current Practices

Audit current practices against AS/NZS4187-2014 and all current ISO standards and guidelines.

Education & Training

Education and Training for all staff in the processing room. (sterilising, endoscopy, chemical and SDS’s to name a few of the competencies undertaken with the staff).

Validation of Processing Equipment

Validation of all processing equipment and processes in the department

Work Process Documentation

Create or update Work Instructions for all processing equipment and processes.

Gap Analysis

Provide an Action plan using the Infection control auditors Gap Analysis

Businesses We Can Help

Our services are tailored but not limited to


Working with numerous Gastroenterologists over our 35 + years has equipped us with the experience and knowledge necessary to help advise you on the most efficient and cost effective ways to be completely AS/NZS4187-2014 compliant including all current ISO standards and guidelines.



Complete AS/NZS4187-2014 compliance including all current ISO standards and guidelines is a legal requirement by 2021. With the date drawing ever closer, your compliance does not need to be an issue. AS4187 Solutions are the leaders in all things related to Sterilisation Services and can ensure you are completely compliant in the easiest way possible.


There is no substitute for experience. With a stellar track record and amazing reputation there is only one choice for podiatrists when it comes to becoming and maintaining your AS4187 compliance.

Day Procedure Centres

Regardless of your field, all businesses that perform any type of invasive procedures are subject to AS/NZS4187-2014 compliance including all current ISO standards and guidelines. In order to know all of your requirements and responsibilities, AS4187 conduct thorough audits of your current procedures and supporting documentation. From here an expert Gap analysis report is delivered detailing the crucial and most efficient steps your business can take to ensure its AS/NZS4187-2014 compliance.

General Practitioners

With such a varying array of minor procedures being performed, AS/NZS4187-2014 compliance can be quite difficult to achieve and maintain for General Practitioners. Removing the guess work you can rest assured that all relevant standards and guidelines are addressed and adhered to when using AS4187 Solutions.

Piercers, Body Modification & Beauticians

Many different types of practitioners are required to comply with the strict requirements of AS/NZS4187-2014, including all current ISO standards and guidelines. AS4187 Solutions can assess your business, make recommendations and even conduct audits for you to ensure your business is 100% compliant, eliminating any surprises.

Ensure your business is AS4187 Compliant

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